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TUCSS Monthly Seminar no. 254

TUCSS Monthly Seminar no. 254

18 July

  • 18 July 2024, Thursday
  • 18:30 To 19:30
  • Online

  • Application Example of GFRP to Various Structures in South Korea and feedback from market in application
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TUCSS Monthly Seminar No. 254 – Thursday, 18 July 2024,


Application Example of GFRP to Various Structures in South Korea and feedback from market in application


By Yangsoo PARK, PE(Geo, Korea), KCMT



GFRP, often called as GRP, as known as a new construction material has quite a long history, over 30 years of application, started in North American construction industry. Thanks to its non-corrosive property, its usage in highly corrosive environment such as sea side, riverside or structures under de-icing required, is selectively chosen. However, the application cases had been limited for its availability and high cost for insufficient suppliers. GFRP design code which only a few countries had developed also acted as hurdle for designers to adopt this beneficial material in their proposal to construction market.


South Korea was also a new market as a GFRP manufacturer until last year. But currently Korea has its own design code referred ACI 440 for concrete bridges and barriers, and moving forward to develop a general code for architectural design.


In this seminar covers above history of GFRP track records, developing status of GFRP design codes and feedback from market in application.


We hope above topics serve a better understanding of GFRP application in Singapore. We trust GFRP will provide economic solution, higher productivity, safer workplace and sustainable infrastructures in the future.



Mr. Yangsoo PARK is working at KCMT, GFRP manufacturing company, in South Korea. He graduated with Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and with Master of Geotech from Yonsei University, South Korea. He is qualified as a Professional Engineer of Geotech in Korea. He had started his career as a design consultant for 5 years and most of his professional experience in SK ecoplant for 20 over years in design team, as a design manager of MRT project in Singapore and in new business development team. He has joined KCMT in 2022 and currently working as a director in oversea sales division.


Time and Place

The presentation will take place electronically on Thursday, 18 July 2024. The presentation will take approximately 45 minutes, follow by 15 minutes of questions/discussion.



This is the 254th in a series of presentations by TUCSS and is open to current TUCSS Members only. Seats are on first-come-first-served basis and limited to 500 persons.



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Thank you.

Yangsoo Park