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TUCSS Monthly Seminar no. 253

TUCSS Monthly Seminar no. 253

20 June

  • 20 June 2024, Thursday
  • 18:30 To 19:30
  • Online

  • Innovative Features in DTSS2 Conveyance System
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TUCSS Monthly Seminar No. 253 – Thursday, 20 June 2024, 6.30 pm


Innovative Features in DTSS2 Conveyance System


by Dr. V Ganeshan, PD/DTSS2, AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd



In Phase 2 of Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS2) project, new features in the construction and operations of the system are introduced. These include parallel flow paths for sewage, microorganism influenced corrosion resistant concrete (MICRC) to enhance structural durability, tunnel isolation gates to facilitate inspection/repair and built-in fibre optic monitoring system for checks on tunnel integrity. In Phase 1 of DTSS, corrosion resistance is mainly entrusted to the HDPE liner protecting the otherwise, exposed OPC concrete substrate of the tunnels and shafts. In DTSS2, MICRC was adopted for the construction of the shafts with gates and also, in the secondary linings of the segmental tunnels. All tunnels continue to have the HDPE liner over the MICRC secondary lining as an additional line of defence against the corrosive environment. Accelerated durability tests were conducted on samples of various proposed MICRC design mixes before these were accepted for construction. The challenge of access and lack of inspection of the trunk tunnels and hence, the means to carry out repairs, have been major concerns for DTSS. To overcome this, selected shafts are fitted with gates such that the flow can be diverted, and a portion of tunnel isolated for access to perpetrate inspection and/or repairs. The trunk tunnels (South and Industrial Tunnels) and link sewers are planned such that any section of the trunk tunnels can be made “dry” for access. Fibre optic cables are installed throughout the lengths of the deep tunnels, to permit continuous monitoring of the tunnel structural integrity. Three longitudinal and numerous circumferential cables (wherever future major activities are expected to take place) are cast in the secondary lining of the tunnels.     


Ganeshan has over 40 years of experience in civil and geotechnical engineering design and construction. These include deep excavation, tunnelling, deep foundations, land reclamation, ground improvement and instrumentation works. Amongst his most recent projects are LTA Circle Line 6 and Polder Reclamation at Pulau Tekong. In Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 project, he leads the programme management team as Project Director and assumes the role of Superintending Officer for the bored tunnels and the associated hydraulic structures contracts. He is a Professional Engineer in the Civil, Geotechnic and Tunnelling disciplines, Accredited Checker in Geotechnical Engineering and a Fellow Member of ICE, London. He has been serving on TUCSS steering committee for more than 10 years.


Time and Place

The presentation will take place electronically on Thursday, 20 June 2024 at 18:30 hrs. The presentation will take approximately 45 minutes, follow by 15 minutes of questions/discussion.



This is the 253rd in a series of presentations by TUCSS and is open to current TUCSS Members only. Seats are on first-come-first-served basis and limited to 500 persons.



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V. Ganeshan
PD/DTSS2, AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd