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TUCSS Monthly Seminar No. 230

TUCSS Monthly Seminar No. 230

20 January

  • 20 January 2022, Thursday
  • 18:30 To 19:30
  • Online

  • The new Bern RBS Underground Station and Expansion of Bern SBB Station public facilities: Design and execution challenges (Bern, Switzerland)
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TUCSS Monthly Seminar No. 230 – Thursday, 20 January 2022, 6.30 pm


The new Bern RBS Underground Station and Expansion of Bern SBB Station public facilities: Design and execution challenges (Bern, Switzerland)


by Martin Schäfer, Basler & Hofmann AG, Technical Director



Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn (RBS) is currently implementing the project «Expansion of Bern RBS Station».

It involves building a new underground station consisting of two station caverns – for two tracks (metre gauge) each and a platform arranged in between, and the access line to the new station. Both the existing and the new RBS Station are located below the tracks of Bern Central Station.


Bern Central Station is the second largest station in Switzerland and is currently being expanded by Swiss Federal railways (SBB) within the scope of the project «Expansion of Bern Station public facilities». The project includes building a new pedestrian underpass where part of which lies above the new RBS Station.


The two projects «Expansion of Bern RBS Station» and «Expansion of Bern SBB Station public facilities» are developed in parallel and implemented almost concurrently. Thus, numerous factors have to be taken into consideration during design and construction.


The presentation covers a brief summary to the design and execution challenges faced of the incorporation of the «Expansion of Bern RBS Station» and its interdependence from the «Expansion of Bern Station public facilities», and the construction methods of the new station caverns to ensure minimize settlement disturbances to surrounding existing structures while the existing stations remain in operation.


Over the last nearly 20 years, Mr Martin Schäfer has gained a broad experience on major infrastructure projects in Germany, Switzerland, SEA and Australia/NZ. As Basler & Hofmann's Singapore General Manager and Head of the Construction Technology Department till 2017, Martin was involved among others in different projects for DTL, TSL, Cable Tunnels as well as JIPCT in Singapore and various projects abroad.  In his current position as Technical Director for Basler & Hofmann's Tunnelling Department, Martin is the client's Chief Construction Manager for the new RBS Underground Station project in Bern, Switzerland.

Time and Place

The presentation will take place electronically on Thursday, 20 January 2022 at 18:30 hrs. The presentation will take approximately 45 minutes, follow by 15 minutes of questions/discussion.


This is the 230th in a series of presentations by TUCSS and is open to current TUCSS Members only. Seats are on first-come-first-served basis and limited to 500 persons.



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Thank you.


Martin Schafer
Basler & Hofmann AG