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TUCSS Monthly Seminar 222

TUCSS Monthly Seminar 222

24 February

  • 24 February 2021, Wednesday
  • 18:30 To 19:45
  • Online

  • Baseline Approach to Manage Third-Party Risk in Underground Constructions
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Event details

TUCSS Monthly Seminar No. 222 – Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 6.30 pm


Baseline Approach to Manage Third-Party Risk in Underground Constructions

by Dr. Logan Loganathan, WSP Australia Pty Limited




Underground construction induced impact to existing structures and utilities is generally highly publicised by the media and involve lengthy forensic investigations and legal proceedings.  Reducing the third-party impact and cost associated with underground construction requires realistic impact assessment methods, acceptable criteria by all parties, and risk management and sharing mechanism between the stake holders. The impact assessment method should enable the Client and the Contractor to set a building risk baseline during the tender design and will minimise the project cost overrun during construction. This presentation describes a method to assess third-party risk at the early stage of the project inception and during tender design, baseline impact acceptable criteria and mitigation measures during the design and construction, and recent third-party risk management experience in Sydney tunnels.


Logan is WSP’s Technical Executive for tunnels and geotechnics has more than 30 years of experience in underground construction and geotechnical engineering industry  internationally and locally . He has worked on major road and rail tunnel projects in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Logan also specialises in tunnel construction-induced impact assessment and has published a monograph titled “innovative methods to assess tunnelling-induced risk to adjacent pile foundation”. Logan has also published many research and technical papers on tunnelling and geotechnical engineering.

Time and Place

The presentation will take place electronically on Wednesday, 24 February 2021 at 18:30 hrs. The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes of questions/discussion afterwards.



This is the 222st in a series of presentations by TUCSS and is open to valid TUCSS Members only. Seats are on first-come-first-served basis and limited to 500 persons.



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Dr Logan Loganathan