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Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd

About us
The strength of Nishimatsu Construction lies in the high level of technological competence it has developed over the course of more than 140 years of history and tradition stretching back to when the company was founded in 1874. Building on this strength, we make a broad contribution to creating a safe and secure social infrastructure and comfortable environment through the construction of public facilities such as roads and dams, urban redevelopment, and other projects. Our spirit of construction, which has been nurtured through our long history, continues to live on today.

We will continue contributing to efforts to realize a society and an environment that are sustainable and that provide people with peace of mind, by providing valuable structures and services to the public.

All of our employees and officers will work together to improve our frontline capabilities (capacity to perform detailed work management and the power to discover and resolve their own problems), which is our strength, in our efforts to enhance our corporate value. I greatly appreciate your continued support.