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In 2009, Kajima celebrated the 170th anniversary of its founding. Ever since it was founded in 1840, the Company has steadily developed and overcome diverse challenges as Japan transformed itself from the feudal shogun ate of the late Edo era into a modern economic powerhouse.

Over the many years since we went into business in 1840, our management philosophy has always been: “As a group of individuals working together as one, we pursue creative progress and development founded on both rational, scientific principles and a humanitarian outlook, through which we strive to continually advance our business operations and contribute to society.”

Kajima’s “enterprising spirit” is what drives us to take on the big challenges. We have worked on pioneering projects across the generations, including the country’s first skyscraper and many different national development projects in areas such as social infrastructure. We are proud of the contributions we have made to the industrial and economic development of Japan.

Under the Kajima Group Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2018-2020), which was launched in FY2018, we are striving to boost our competitiveness in the construction business and improve the earning potential of the Kajima Group as a whole while working on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance by taking initiatives with our sights set beyond the year 2020, including responding to new needs and social challenges, and reinforcing the Group’s management foundation.