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About us
Enzan Koubou develops ICT solutions for domestic and foreign customers to solve their problems pertaining to construction and civil engineering.

What is ICT?
ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is 
an advanced concept of IT, which is becoming popular globally. ICT is an umbrella which includes application and communication of various devices, networks and software libraries.

For example, a construction site can have a lot of information such as; 
“Is the tunnel alignment correct?”, “Digging is optimized?”, “Whether the ground is suitable or not?” Our systems take this information automatically and compile it for an optimized output. This process makes tunnel construction smooth, safe and secure.

Enzan Koubou provides ICT solutions apart from tunnel construction as well. Any civil engineering project such as bridge or road constructions both on land and on water, construction of dams and all other urban civil engineering projects can incorporate Enzan solutions. We excel at developing projects with specific requirements pertaining to individual or collection of projects.