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For over 100 years the technology behind concrete reinforcement has barely changed. It’s expensive, labour intensive and suffers from corrosion. We set out to create the next generation of concrete reinforcement, a reinforcement for the 21st century. We created BarChip synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement.

Our innovative spirit was critical to the development of our first synthetic fiber. Yes, it prevented concrete cancer, but the overall performance of the fiber reinforced concrete was still not enough to revolutionise the world.

We embraced that spirit of innovation and launched the Future Fiber Research and Development Program. Through the Future Fiber Program we conducted thousands of trials and pioneered nearly every development in synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement technology. We improved product performance to levels previously not thought possible and established our synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement as the most reliable and highest performing fiber reinforcement in the world.

We believe that long term business relationships can only be sustained by a commitment to provide the highest quality products and services and by adding long term value to our customer’s business. The achievement of these objectives is directly linked to our ability to deliver creative and cost effective solutions to our customers, designed to assist them in meeting their business goals safely.

Today our synthetic fiber concrete reinforcement is used across every major construction sector in over 20 countries. Thousands of companies around the world have made the switch to the synthetic fiber reinforcement system.

Ask yourself, how much could you benefit from our 21st century concrete reinforcement and make the change today.

Get in touch for a personal information session about your next project. One of our concrete fiber experts will guide you through the following 4 keys items:
  • Fibre Selection
  • BatChing and Mixing
  • Design Methologies
  • Testing Requirements