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About us
Since our founding in 1907, we have progressed steadily in order to contribute to the development of society as a well – balanced general contractor, with “steadfast management” and “sincere operations” as our guiding principles. We thank to patronage and support to our customers & business partners and also their recognition for our corporate stance, which have made OKUMURA CORPORATION today.

The situation surrounding the construction industry in becoming more diverse and sophisticated. Today’s customers clearly express requirements such as “comfortable and convenient living” “disaster-resistant and dependable structures” and “environment friendly design and construction”. We recognized that to respond to those demands and provide complete satisfaction are our mission which gives value to our existence.

The Okumura Corporation logo is a symbolic portrayal of the character for "person." This unique mark stands as a vibrant expression of our spirit as a "human constructor" - a company that rises to the mission of taking care of both people and nature, and contributing to an even brighter and more fulfilling future for us all.

Contribute to bettering the world through the expansion of business endeavour, excel as a corporate entity committed to the principles of "steadfast management" and "sincere operation," and continue to play an essential role in society.