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TAC Pacific Pte Ltd

About us
Our company was established in 1932 as a sales business for mined ceramic and refractory raw materials, our Shield construction related business started from 1976.

As you may well know, Shield construction method was first developed in the UK back 1818.

From there it was imported to Japan and the first full-scale construction using this technology was the Kanmon railway tunnel in 1939. Shield construction continued to develop, it wasn’t until well after WWⅡ that the Kakuozan tunnel was completed in 1960. Japan lead research breakthroughs in Slurry Shield Tunnelling in 1967 and Earth Pressure Shield Tunnelling in 1974.

TAC Corporation developed and realized the two-liquid type backfilling method (Annular Gap Method) for the first time in Japan. It dramatically advanced conventional shield construction and we applied this technique to more than 1200 and counting.

Business Contents    
  • Development, sales and leasing of backfilling and additive material injection facilities for use in shield tunnel construction.
  • Development and sales of simultaneous backfill grouting (annular gap grouting) equipment for shield tunnel machines (TBM).
  • Sales of modifying agents for sludge and soil.
  • Consultation services relating to the design and construction of tunnels and various foundation works.
  • Bio-related business for purification and improvement of soil and water quality and reduction of environmental burden.
Qualified person
Technician · APEC Engineer · First class civil engineering and construction management engineer · Pollution control administrator (type 4) · Surveyor · Tunnel Rescue Technology Manager · First-class Construction Machinery Construction Engineer · Concrete Engineer · Occupational Safety Consultant · Disaster Prevention Officer

Customer Focus
Major general contractors
Major heavy industry manufacturers

Equipment for shield backfilling, additive material injection, crushing factory, reservoir, plant maintenance factory

Member organization
Shield Thixotropical Gel Association, Shield Tunneling Association of Japan, Japan Tunneling Association, NPO Corporation Michibushinbito, Society Corporation, Seto Corporate Group Corporation, Okayama Prefectural Culture Association, Mahoroba Council of Bizen Greenification.