The Hulme Prize was set up by TUCSS in 1999 to honour Terry Hulme, Honorary Member of TUCSS, for his outstanding contribution to TUCSS and Tunnelling in Singapore. It is an annual competition for the best technical papers from young engineers or students (below 35) on any subject related to tunnelling and underground construction.


2018 Winners

First prize : Dr Ruben Duhme (paper)
Excavation Management of Slurry TBMs - Long Term Operational Accuracy Evaluation


Second prize : Mr Russell Connors (paper)
Procedures to Minimise the Incidence of Decompression Sickness for Compressed Air Cutterhead Interventions


Third prize : Mr G. T. Senthilnath (paper)
Effects of Shallow Over-crossing TBMs on Existing Tunnels and Surface Movements

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2017 Winners

First prize : Ms F. Saffiyah Badurdeen (paper)
Large Diameter Pipe Roof Box Excavation for Passenger Linkway Tunnel


Second prize : Mr G. T. Senthilnath (paper)
Mined Tunnel Monitoring as a Part of Observational Approach - a Case Study


Third prize : Ms Jasmine Lim (paper)
Latest Development in Horizontal Grouting for Cross Passages in Thomoson East Coast Line C1-C2

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2016 Winners

First prize : Mr Yasuhiro Yokota (paper)
Evaluation of geological conditions ahead of a tunnel face using seismic tomography between a tunnel and ground surface


Second prize : Mr Elgin Toh (paper)
Development of Dual Crushing System for Slurry TBM in Bukit Timah Granite


Third prize : Mr Gerardo Agustin Pittaro (paper)
Use of Pressure relief wells to check ground improvement tensil strains in deep excavations

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2015 Winners

First prize : Mr Esen Sze Yu Sheng (paper)
Tunnelling Undercrossing Existing Live MRT Tunnels


Second prize : Ms Jinnie Oh (paper)
Development of 3D Numerical Analysis for Optimization of Ground Improvement Volume in Marine Clays with Application in Tunnelling


Third prize : Mr GT Senthilnath (paper)
Stacked Tunnelling Induced Settlements in Soft Soil

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2014 Winners

First prize : Mr Andrew Forsythe (paper)
Assessment of Hydraulic Conductivity and Groundwater Flow Models in the Bukit Timah Granite


Second prize : Mr Rueben Duhme (paper)
Multi-Mode and Variable Density TBMs Latest Trends in Developments


Third prize : Ms Thin Thin Aye (paper)
Design and Construction of Large Diameter Circular Shafts

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2013 Winners

First prize : Mr Russell Connors (paper)
Breakthrough and Burial of TBMs on the Brisbane Airport Link Project


Second prize : Mr Christopher Brook (paper)
Horizontal Directional Ground Investigation - Reducing Tunnelling Risks by Minimising Geological Uncertainty


Third prize : Mr Zhang Wengang (paper)
Reliability Asssessment of Stability of Underground Rock Caverns


2012 Winners

First prize : Er Kee Ching Guan (paper)
Report on the Effects of the Base Grouting / DCM on Deep Foundation Bored Piles at Marina Bay Financial Centre


Second prize : Dipl. -Ing. Ruben Duhme (paper)
Utilizing Process Simulation for Planning of Mechanized Tunnelling Projects


Third prize : Mr Simon Low Yew Hup (paper)
Design Challenges and Performance Evaluation of Temporary Removable Ground Anchor in Old Alluvium - A Singapore Case History

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