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Samsung C&T Corporation

About us
In 2015, Cheil Industries Inc. merged with Samsung C&T and declared a new leap forward as a 'Global Business Partner & Lifestyle Innovator‘. Our variety of wonderful projects include the global expansion of the construction business, global trading and project organizing, the launching of the wearable platform brand 'The humanfit', and Panda World at Everland. We continue to take on new challenges.

Global expansion
Samsung C&T entered global markets based on leading capabilities established in Korea. In 2004, we achieved the highest overseas orders in the construction industry - including orders for the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa - and established ourself as a global Engineering & Construction company. In 2010, new orders for a wind and solar development project in Ontario, Canada, again raised C&T’s capabilities overseas. In 2008 Everland unveiled the world's steepest wooden roller coaster, known as the ‘T Express’. The cumulative number of visitors exceeded 200 million people in 2013, and it has grown into a world-class resort. The fashion group expanded its global businesses by launching SPA brand ‘8seconds’ and by acquiring the high-end Italian accessories brand Colombo.

Becoming a Domestic Leader
By 1994, Samsung C&T had grown into a truly top domestic company, including awards of $10 billion in exports. Our brands Galaxy (1983) & Bean Pole (1989) opened a new chapter in the domestic fashion market and have since risen to become Korea’s leading fashion brands. Moreover, we started Korea’s first ‘Farm Land Rose Festival’ (1985) and opened water park Caribbean Bay (1996) that is now a domestic leader of culture and leisure. We also began building Youngjong Grand Bridge (1995) and continued to position ourselves as a leading Engineering & Construction company in Korea.

Establishment & Growth
Samsung C&T is the parent company of Samsung Group. Byung-Chull Lee, the founder, established Samsung Sanghoe in 1938 and opened a new chapter in history. Cheil Industries, which is the backbone of the fashion business, was established in 1954. Farm Land opened as Korea’s first family theme park in 1976 and Samsung Construction Inc. was established in 1977. We took resolute steps to enhance the quality of life across all aspects of humanity.