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M&L Engineering & Material Ltd

About us
We are an Integrated Engineering Solutions provider in connection with specialised cutting tools and parts for construction equipment with particular focus on Disc Cutters.

Disc Cutters are widely used in conjunction with TBMs and micro-tunnelling equipment and typically applied towards the excavation of tunnels with a circular cross section through a variety of soil and rock strata. In addition to our focus in the tunnelling sector, we also provide Integrated Engineering Solutions to our customers in the foundation sector. 

Our Business
In general, our Integrated Engineering Solutions involve:
(i) The supply of specialised cutting tools and parts for construction equipment;
(ii) The supply of fabricated construction steel works and equipment;
(iii) The supply of specialised construction equipment; and
(iv) Ancillary services which include leasing of specialised construction equipment, and repair and maintenance services.

Our business can broadly be categorised into two segments, namely tunnelling and foundation.