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In 1982, Daimaru Bouon spun off from Daimaru Bouon Kogyo (founded in 1963), and since then it has been contributing to the protection of the environment through the installation of noise prevention measures at factories and public works sites. Particularly in recent years, we have been making the effort to develop soundproof panels, improve construction techniques, and enhance safety measures in order to prevent noise pollution from public works in cities at night. 

We can proudly say that we have achieved the top results in the industry with our prevention measures for infrasonic sounds emanating from vibrating screens. 

Environmental pollution and global warming have become major social issues, and not only must enterprises review their own operations, but it has also become increasingly necessary for individuals to review their own lifestyles. Based upon this new consciousness of the environment, construction of new environment-friendly infrastructure and restoration of older infrastructure will begin, and along with that new construction will come noise issues that must be dealt with. 

Daimaru Bouon, as an expert in the prevention of noise pollution caused by infrastructure construction, is determined to make further eff ort to help not only customers and contractors, but also residents living around such construction sites.