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Adcos Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

About Us:

ADCOS  International is a global specialty construction chemical company for waterproofing, leak sealing, ground engineering, structure rehabilitation  and steel protection. With headquarter in Belgium, the company is serving customers in nearly 50 countries.

 Why Us:

ADCOS International’s products and solutions have been used in the construction of many Underground Infrastructure (metro tunnels, hydropower dams, water treatment facility), Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects. Our research and development is a truly international effort that addresses worldwide business needs and opportunities while responding to the specific local requirements of every customer.

 Our Technology:

ADCOS  International strives to provide a safe, easy to apply and durable chemistry solution to all applicators and stakeholders. Doing it right the first time is critical to the longevity of the structure. Multiply drilling onto concrete can cause severe impact and long term consequences like concrete strength failure and problematic water ingress. 

Do it Once, Do it Right!

 Your Total Solution Provider:

ADCOS International is your trusted partner for all injection needs. A complete range of injection chemistry (1- and 2-component Polyurethane, Epoxy, Methacrylate and Urea-silica). Besides 1- and 2-component injection pumps, a wide selection of packers, connectors and accessories to suit all sorts of injection works.

 Our Expert Services &  Equipments:

An effective solution is more than just selecting the correct grout. Proper equipment, tools and accessories are very critical to the effectiveness of the injection system. ADCOS International can provide all the knowledge, expertise, equipment and support require for an effective and productive solution to your problems.